Beloved Bell

Kennel Lebersberuf, Finland

Cheery Chilli
Kennel Peschencattles, Germany

Cesious Callisteia "Panda"
Training blog


Sire I have used:

Dargo, A-litter (Ayers Danish Blue Dargo)

Dexter, B-litter (Snjos Blue FireStick)

Dorak, C-litter (Snjos Blue Dorak)

Rinzi, D-litter (Donegal wom Teufelsjoch)

Raven, E-litter (Turella Red Raven)

Echo, F-litter (Bushbug's Esmond Drury)

Buch, G-litter ( Buch Hobart Z Husovy tvrze)

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Other links:

De Wilde Outdoor (The owner of Allberound's Beaming Bonza "Kajsa", homepage of their company! Check it out!! paramotor tandem, camping, tours ect!)

Louise walking with Dessie! :)
We found "bambi"!!!
Dessie with a few of her friends.