The D-litter!! DoB: 2014-12-26

1 female & 5 males

All puppies are Baer-tested (1 deaf, 2 unilateral & 3 bilateral)
They have correct puppy bite and are PRA normal or Carrier


Donegal wom Teufelsjoch

Breeder: Ilse Sadleder/kennel Teufelsjoch
Owner: Corinne Butz (Switzerland)
DoB: 21.06.2009
49 cm/26 kg
PRA-prcd Carrier ( B )
ED 0/0
BEAR normal
Eyes clear

Complete scissor bite, P1 is not broken but created. 
Passed character test 
Passed endurance test 20km 
Sports: BH (obediance+tracking)
Work: Cattle 

HOMEPAGE of Rinzi and Corinne

Sire:  Landmaster Promised Land
Dam: Kings of the Dawen Blue Bead


Korad SE UCH Bushbug's Deep Minnow "Dessie"

Breeder: Susanne Blomqvist/kennel Bushbug's
Owner: Kennel Allberound's

DoB: 2008-04-23

PRA-prcd Normal ( A )

ED 0/0
Height: 46,5 cm


Eyes clear september 2011
Complete scissorbit


MH description (approved in gunshot)

Approved Mental Test, 365 points

Passed the Swedish herding instinct test (unoff)


3 CACs, 1 Cacib, R-cacib

Dam to our A & B litter

Dessie" is my first cattledog, she is a wonderful and funny dog who likes people, both adults and children.
She is trained in tracking, obedience and rally obedience and she has a great capacity for work. She loves to work, play tug o war and loves to cuddle! She is my "best friend" ;)