Nord JV-15
Allberound's Extolling Excallibur "Ex"

Deceased <3
Ex got changes in the back, L7S1 spondylosis and only 1 ½ years old, I'm very sorry for his owner who was forced to take a difficult but wise decision to let Ex put to sleep <3 <3 <3 
From Bern, Schweiz (august 2018):
Our specialist evaluated the X-rays. The results are listed below:
-Allberound's Extolling Excalibur: not DISH affected, but  Spondylosis 

He had all teeth and correct bite
Baer tested: Bilateral
ED: 0/0

Ex became Nordic Junior Winner 2015 at Stockholm Dog Show!!!! December 2015

Strängnäs nationella 2016-03-13, Excellent