KORAD Allberound's Bamming Blinca

DoB: 29/12/2012

 Breeder: Beatrice Semmelhack/kennel Allberound's

PRA: Normal
PLL: Normal
ED 0/0
Eyes Clear
Height: 45 cm
correct bite, all teeth
Baer Normal

MH - Mentaldescription (not gunshy)
MT 362p

Blinca has one litter, F-litter dob 2016-04-21. There were complications; 
Blinca was too tight and could not get the puppies out by herself, a c-section was needed and  she was also neutered because the uterus burst during the operation... but she has one lovley litter, 3 boys and 2 girls!! All healthy :)
Blinca is now owned by Helen!! <3

Eskilstuna 17/08/2013: HP & BOB puppy
Breed specialty 08/10/2014: Ecxellent
Nora 14/05/2015: Very good
Norrköping 07/06/2015: Excellent, CAC, BOB
Örebro 4/07/2015: Excellent