December 2018 - Two ultrasounds was done on Doris,  unfortunately they did not see any puppies :( but hopefully next time will give us some puppies ☺️
We will try again next autum!


Faultless Floki "Floki" HD: D/   ED: 0/0
Gild Gremlin "Granit" HD: A/A ED: 1/2

New page!!!! *Health all Litters* 

Allberound's Giant General "Loke"passed the smell test of eucalyptus in Nosework and may now start to compete !
Big congrats Cissi❣️❣️❣️

Allberound's Glisten Gnista now has three competitions in obedience, the highest class, the results are excellent,
299p, 301,5p and 307p out of 320p!!! WOW!

She is now Obedience Champion !!

Big congratulations Linda and Gnista from a proud and happy breeder !!
The Kennel's first obedience champion❣️❣️

Update G-Litter :)

Congrats to Pavla with Mr Moss!!
HD: A/A ED: 0/0

Congrats to Rose-Marie with Genuine Gimli "Ben"!!
HD: B  ED: 0/0

 Congrats also to Linda with Gnista!!
HD: A/A ED: 0/0

Congratulations to Linda with Gnista!!
Who competed in obedience and has advanced all the way upp to class 3!!!

17/9 start in class 2 with 278p
5/8 start in class 1 with 293,5p
10/6 first obedience class/first start with 187p

WHAT A TEAM!!!! :)

The 16th of september a herding instinct test on cows (inoff) was organized by the Swedish breedclub, SACK.

There were 5 dogs from Allberound's :) Acie, Gin, Freya, Loke and Grace, all with approved herdinginstinct :) <3

The 3 little beauties from G-litter was awesome 
I'm a proud breeder!!!! 

Hips & Elbow report!!
Glossing Grace HD: B/C ED: 0/0
Glorious Goa    HD: A/A ED: 0/0
Gleeful Gin        HD: A/A ED: 0/0

Congratulations!!! :)

A few dogs have done MH (mentaldescription)
Congrats to you all!!!

Glisten Gnista "Gnista"
Gild Gremlin "Granit"
Genuine Gimli "Ben"
Giant General "Loke"
Glossing Grace "Grace"

  • Florid Flame "Doris"

Allberound's Enthrelled Elfin "Jack" has done Mentaldescription and x-rayd!!!
HD A/A ED 0/0

Congrats to Jorgen and Rose-Marie!!! 

New link updated!!! 
De Wilde Outdoor on Other links

Planned Litter at Peschencattles kennel in Germany!! 2016/2017

Allberound's Cheery Chilli x Red Manor Elano 

Peschencattles Kennel

Congrats to Lina!!! :)

Allberound's Cesious Callisteia "Panda" have done the Mentaldescription with a very good result!! 

All the pups in F-litter has moved!!

All passed the veterinery check and baer test!! 
Correct puppy bite!

They now have their own pages!! 

X-ray on Allberound's Callant Cooper!!!! 
HD: A/A ED:0/0 

Congrats to Ulf and Emma!!! 

F-litter are born!!!!! 2016-04-21

Blinca and her pups are all fine! There were complications and a c-section was needed, 3 red males, 1 red bitch and a blue bitch, all healthy!! <3

D-litter report!! :)

Allberound's Daily Demand =
HD: B/B ED: 0/0
Allberound's Double Divine =
HD: A/A ED: 0/0
Allberound's Duteous Dundee have done mentaldescription :)

Congrats to all the owners!!! :D 

X-ray (hips & elbows) on C-litter:

Cheery Chilli, HD A/A ED 0/0, Congrats Kerstin Hoffman (kennel Peshencattles in Germany)!!
Clipping Chayenne, HD A/A ED 1/1, Congrats Malin!! 

3 out of 6 is done in C-litter with A hips!! 3 to go!! ;)


Updated Pitures:
some in C-litter and B-litter


This weekend Cissi has been with Ex (Allberound's Extolling Excalibur) at Stockholm dog shows. He behaved well in the ring and got very nice critique and a Excellent with CK.

He became best junior male (out of 3) and 3rd best male,  he won the title NORD JV-15 and also qualified for Crufts 2016!!

Huge Congratulations to his owner Cissi!!! 


The first one in C-litter have been x-rayed!! :D
Allberound's Cesious Callisteia "Panda" 

Big Congrats to her owner Linn!

Congratulations Kerstin Hoffman, Peschencattles Kennel!!
Allberound's Cheery Chilli are now a German Youth Champion!

Congratulations to Heli with Bell!!

Bell got the best cattledog Mentaltest result in Finland this year!!
She is a great dog with a great owner!! :D

Great news!!!!
Congratulations Kerstin, Kennel Peschencattles (Germany) for a fantastic result !!

Chilli (Allberound's Cheery Chilli) passed the German Mentaltest with excellent Results


Congratulations to Ulf with Cooper who approved Swedish herding instinct test (unofficial)

Nice work!! :)

Updated pictures on the D's  <3

Allberound's Allegiance-A "Acie" - MT videos updated!!!

Click to se MT

Allberound's Bamming Blinca - MH & MT videos updated!!

Click to se MH
Click to se MT

Allberound's Brutal Bee "Freya"- MT (Mentaltest) updated with videos

Click to see

Big congrats to Heli and Bell!! :)

Bell, Alberound's Beloved Bell, has done Mental test in Finland with Excellent result!! 
(average point for ACD in Finland is +147 and breeding strategy ideal is + 172P)

"Outstanding dog!" judge said  :)


Two dogs from the kennel has Approved aptitude test in tracking  wounded game!! (how could I forget to write that :( 

Congrats to Allberound's Assiduous-A "Adella" Very nice done!! <3 Great work!
Congrats to Allberound's Brutal Bee "Freya" <3 who also did a great job!! 

Pictures on all the C's updated!!

KORAD Allberound's Bamming Blinca (ownd by the kennel)

Blinca passed her Mentaltest (MT) with 362p and also gain the title KORAD :)
Big congrats to Helen who also is taking good care of Blinca!! <3

I'm planning to mate Blinca in januay/february 2016

KORAD Allberound's Brutal Bee "Freya"
(dam to our E-litter)

Freya passed her Mental test (MT) with 482p (out of 600) VeryGood!!!!!! :D and also gain the titel KORAD
Big congrats to Cissi!! <3

Updated!! 2015-05-23

-Blincas MH (mentaldescription) & shows
-Acie MT & shows
- C- litter


New links:
Panda and Harry have their own training blogs!

The last little boy in D-litter moved! All the D's has left the building and moved to their new forever homes :)

Congrats & Good Luck to all the new owners!!

E-litter are born! 4 males & 1 female
(2 males avaliable)

More info & pictures 
Current Litter


D-Litter arrived 2014-12-26
5males and 1 female

Some pictures!!

Cissi and I have been in Germany with Freya for mating at Wild Desert Dingo's Kennel :)
Everything has gone fine, Freya and Raven matched very well and mated on the 18th and the 19th of December !!
Now we hope for many little "Freyvens" puppies in
week 8 2015 :)

Read more about the parents under Planned Litter!

Dessie has been visited by Rinzi <3 
Hopefully it will be nice puppies in late of December! 

More info HERE!

2014-10-03 - 2014-10-05
Herding camp at Mårtensby Farm, Instructor Ewa Karlsson-Myrbrink.
We had a wonderfully rewarding and fun weekend with good dogs and nice owners. Two dogs from the kennel was there, Acie and Freya, I am very proud of both the dogs and of course Cissi who is really good with Freya. 

Allberound's Allegiance-A "Acie" & Allberound's Brutal Bee "Freya"
approved Swedish herding instinct test (unofficial)

Male to D-litter are updated!!

Planned Litter
Bushbug's Deep Minnow &
Donegal Rinzi wom Teufelsjoch

Congrats to Cissi and Freya, Allberound's Brutal Bee!
For two great results in rally obedience !! 79 points and 94 points out of 100, 2 races on the same day and the results approved! Good work!

(photos: Tarja Pahkasalo) (photos: Tarja Pahkasalo)

Pictures on Allberound's Beloved Bell!!!!
She is also very very pretty! 

Allberound's Brutal Bee "Freya" -
CK, CAC, BOS and CACIB on Stockholm international Easter Dog Show 2014-04-18

Freyas is also HD A/A & ED: 0/0

Allberound's Bamming Blinca, x-ray updated!
Hips and elbows are Excellent!!
ED 0/0

Allberound's Brutal Bee "Freya"- CAC & BOB at Strängnäs international Show
Congrats to Cissi, her owner!! :)

Pictures on Acie Updated!!!

Pictures on Amiable-A "Roxy" updated

2013-06-13 - 06-16 Kennel Bushbug's and Allberound's had the first kennel camp together!!

Here are a few pictures  :)

Allberound's Beaming Bonza "Kajsa" has now moved to her new family!! 
I wish Christian and Linn a big good luck and i know they will take good care of little "Kajsa"!

Allberound's Allegiance-A & Assiduous-A have done the Mental description!!! 

"Click here"



Benjii is now sold and will move to his new family, Tina and dogs, in a few days!! I'm very happy that he will stay in the same town with a friend of mine, I know he gets a great life and will be working alot (obedience and tracking, and probably search if I know Tina right)


Also Bizzi and Bell is sold!! Both will move to Finland.

Bizzi to Kristina Holmqvist with family, where she will be working on the farm with their cattle.

Bell moves to Heli Sutinen, Kennel Lebensberuf.

Both girls will get a really great life in their new families!!


Female nr 5, deceased! She had a birth defect in the back part and unfortunately I saw no other option than to let her sleep .. Rest In Peace beautiful little girl! :(



Pictures on B-litter Updated!

They are now 3 weeks old =)


B-litter 2 weeks old!! All puppies have opened their eyes and are doing well and gaining weight as they should. Pictures updated! 



New pictures on Acie updated!



B-litter 1 weeks old today, Dessie and the pups are all good!

Pictures updated!!!



29/12-2012 Dessie & Dexter puppies was born!! =)


First there came a boy followd by 8 little girls, the last female we worked very hard with but she was to weak  to make it :(

But, I'm very glad we got her out and for the 7 girls and the boy, who are doing well.


You can read about the parents and see a few puppy pictures under Current litter!!

Today we have been to Sandra & Dexter for a visit!! 

Everything went well and they liked each other very much.


Dessie & Dexter has mated!! In 4 weeks we will know.....


At last Dessie is in heat, about one and a half months later than expected!!

I look forward to meet Sandra and Dexter in about 2 weeks =D


Pictures on Roxy & Adella Updated!


New page "For sale", a page for my friends dogs/pups that are for sale!


Show Eskilstuna BK:


Allberound's Allegiance-A "Acie" BOB CK CAC 

Junior BIS-1 and also BIS-4

Judge: Anne-Marie Mealand
BIS Judge: Anita Whitmarsh




Bushbug's Deep Minnow "Dessie" did exterior descriptions today and is now entitled KORAD!


Allberound's Allegiance-A "Acie" became BOB puppy and also BIS-4 puppy today at Finspång BK!! :)

Planned litter updated!!! Sire to B-litter updated!

2012-06-30 Meeting with A-litter!
We had fun with a lot of talk and good food on Saturday. On Sunday it was the breed specialty show in Herrljunga!
Here are some pictures! Click



Today at Örebro Bk Dessie got CAC, BOS and also became a Swedish Show Champion!! 


Here is the critique:
Excellent type and size, beautiful head, nice expression, beautiful eyes, beautiful topline, nicely rounded croup, excellent forechest, excellent body, good bones and paws, more than excellent angulation, excellent movement, good coat and nicely colored, well handled

Allberound's Assiduoud-A "Adella" in the sheep pasture, Pictures updated!!

Pictures updated!!




mixed pictures


I'm sorry to tell you that today, April fall asleep in my arms ....
It appears that her hearing was very much reduced and almost deaf, I tried several different sounds and whistles, and after much consideration, I took the tough decision to let her fall asleep.


Rest in peace, adorable little April <3


Adella is moving to her new home!!

She is moving to My & Pontus Wahlgren in Märsta, not far from her sister, Roxy (Angel).
I wish you the best of luck! <3

Also Adella will have a great life with her new family!!


Roxy (Angel) have moved to her new home in Åkersberga. Feels good that she's not so far away :)

Good Luck!  Camilla and Daniel, i know she will have a great life with you!

Acie doing Baer-test Acie doing Baer-test


The puppies was Baer-tested today!

Acie, Adella and Angel - bilateralt hearing

April - unilateralt hearing..with impaired hearing!


The puppies have been in the sheep pasture for the first time. 

Videoclips updated!